Best Male Enhancement Exercises That Help To Enlarge Your Penis Size

Best Male Enhancement Exercises That Help To Enlarge Your Penis Size Many people believe that the size of the penis can`t be changed naturally (without surgical operations or some synthetic pills), but, in fact, clinical studies have proved that this is really possible. These penis enlargement exercises can be really effective even without using some sophisticated and expensive devices. Moreover, you can try to change your penis size so that nobody except you will notice that. What you will need is your hands – that`s all! Of course, you should know that these exercises for penis enlargement should become your routine, you should practice them daily, and only in this case you can expect positive changes in 2-3 weeks.

You can try several types of exercises that will help you enlarge your penis size. It will be much better if you stick to some plan or program that will help you stay on track.

Stretching exercises for penis enlargement

Stretching exercises for penis enlargementStretching exercises are used to warm the muscles of your penis and increase blood flow. For this reason, they should be done in the first place. This is a natural technique that poses no risks for your penis, so you can practice it daily, especially if you follow all instructions.

Make sure that your penis is flaccid and lift it gently. Hold it in a horizontal stretch for 30 seconds then bring it back to the initial position. Repeat this procedure 5 times.

Jelqing for penis enlargement

JelqingThis is the most effective and well-known solution for enlargement of your penis. It forces blood flow to your penis, so as the result its size will become bigger, and if you have some sexual problems you can get rid of them without using some medications. You can practice this exercise, as it`s absolutely safe.

First lubricate your penis. Remember that is must be semi-erect. Put you forefinger and thumb in an OK sigh at your penis base. Push your hands to the head. After your hand reached the read, do the same thing using your other hand. Each stroke must last for several seconds.

Horizontal exercise for penis enlargement

Horizontal exercise for penis enlargementYou will need your both hands to perform this natural enhancement exercise. Hold your penis base with your left hand and then press it firmly. Put your other hand on the tip of your penis. Your right hand should slide down so that both hands meet. After that, bring your hand to the starting position. Repeat this exercise as much as you like.

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